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Here at Warehouse Aquatics we are excited to introduce an exclusive new range of circulation and stream pumps for aquariums, manufactured by the leading Italian brand Sicce. Sicce have been around for over forty years, and it’s fair to say they have been pioneering in developing aquatic technologies and have come to be renowned for producing high quality products that work seamlessly with your aquarium.




Sicce have come to produce a great number of products over the years, from filters & aquariums to water treatments and plant nutrition.  One of the things they are so well known for is their diverse range of pumps capable of working in a number of aquatic situations. The main aim of any pump manufacturer is to juggle the difficult task of a producing a quiet pump, but not compromising on the quality or construction of the product. Sicce have worked hard for many years researching and developing the best ways to manufacturer ultra-quiet pumps and powerheads with low consumption but are still extremely powerful.

Pumps are extremely important in circulating the water to avoid it becoming stagnant and ensure that a sufficient amount of oxygen is present in your tank so that your live stock remains healthy. There are a number of factors you may wish to consider when buying an air pump and we have tried to highlight some of the main features that make Sicce, a brand to consider when buying a pump.

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One of the most important things about purchasing a pump is its functionality and the ability to install this quickly & efficiently. For this reason many of the models come with strong suction cups, or powerful magnets which attach with ease to your aquarium, and there is no complicated connecting, everything can be controlled at the pump or with the use of a wave controller (specific to certain models)


A lot of the models are multipurpose and have the ability to perform various functions throughout your aquariums making them excellent value for money. They have the ability to work as filter pumps, circulation pumps and also low water level pumps in vivarium setups.  The stream and wave models are designed to create brilliant ripple and wave effects that replicate natural marine water currents. Each one is also designed to be compact to keep your aquarium as a clutter free as possible.


One of the biggest things about these pumps, are their ability to function at a quiet level. They use lower amounts of energy to run and in turn this reduces the amount of noise that the device emits. This is probably one of the main design features hobbyists look for when purchasing an aquarium pump, and “seen but shouldn’t be heard” is never been more relevant.


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Because Sicce produce water technology for different purposes (swimming pool, water gardens & features etc.) their pumps are all designed to be suitable for freshwater, marine or tropical settings. Models such as the Xstream have a unique rotating motor that will allow you to adjust the flow by a full 360o which is easily controlled on the pump itself.


Overall, the models themselves are crafted beautifully and are exceptional value for money. They make the art of fish keeping easier which as hobbyists; this is something to strive for, without compromising the safety and wellbeing of your live stock.


If you would like further information on any of the Sicce products we stock then please check out our website.







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