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What size pond pump do I need? | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

What size pond pump do I need?

If you’re building a garden pond, choosing the right-sized pond pump is essential to your pond health. Choosing the wrong pump can lead to all sorts of problems and prevent fish from living in the water. Not to worry, though. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to choose the…

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Heating a pond in winter | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Heating a pond in winter

If you’re thinking about installing a pond in your garden, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll heat the water and, if so, how you’ll do this. When deciding whether to heat your pond, think about the kinds of fish you’d like to keep and how warm they need the water to be. While koi and…

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Six tips for summer pond care | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Six tips for summer pond care

Summer is the season for beautiful ponds to flourish. But a pond doesn’t thrive on its own. A pond that stays healthy throughout the summer months needs proper maintenance. So, here you go, the follow-up to our winter-care pond tips blog post: six pond care tips to help you keep your pond healthy throughout summer.…

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