New biOrb Aquariums… biOrb Tube and the MCR lighting system.

There have been some very exciting developments in the world of biOrb recently with the launch of a brand new aquarium range, the Tube, and a new incredible lighting system, the MCR light.

biOrb Tube 30l Aquarium

biOrb Tube 30l Aquarium

The Tube is a gorgeous new aquarium which offers a 360 degree uninterrupted view of your fish, the Tube comes with a black or white frame. This aquarium gives the cleanest look of all biOrbs, with very little colour to detract from the beauty of your aquarium.  The biOrb Tube comes in three sizes –

biOrb Tube Aquarium 15l

biOrb Tube Aquarium 15l, the perfect desktop sized aquarium (click to buy).

biOrb 30l Aquarium

biOrb Tube 30l Aquarium (click to buy)


biOrb 35l Tube Aquarium

biOrb 35l Tube Aquarium (click to buy)

As with all biOrb aquariums the Tube is made from incredibly resistant acrylic, which is even more transparent than glass. The biOrb Tube is a complete aquarium, included in the box is everything you need to get started –

Aquarium, light unit, pump, transformer, airs tone, filter cartridge, ceramic media and a water conditioner sachet.

The biOrb Tube comes with two different light variants – MCR or LED lighting. The MCR (multi coloured remote) lighting system is brand new for 2017, meaning you can enjoy multi coloured lighting at the touch of a button. You have the option from pick from 16 different coloured lights, scroll through them all or you can choose the simple moonlight to daylight lighting system (blue and white lights), all by using the incredibly easy remote control.


biOrb MCR remote control

The MCR lights are also available on selected biOrb Life Aquariums, with the full range coming to Warehouse Aquatics soon.  The Life is a strikingly beautiful popular biOrb aquarium which has now been upgraded with the new remote control lighting system, the MCR Life is currently  available in the 60 Litre and 45 Litre aquariums.  We also have an exciting new 100% transparent Life 45 aquarium available to order now!

biOrb Life 60l Aquarium

Click here to buy the biOrb Life 60l MCR Aquarium  in black or white

biOrb Life 45l Aquarium

Click here to buy the biOrb Life 45l MCR Aquarium – in black, white, or transparent.


For those of you who already own a biOrb aquarium but really love the idea of the new and simple MCR lighting system, Warehouse Aquatics are stocking the MCR light units to enable you to convert your existing light unit to the multi coloured remote control unit (available for all biOrb tanks apart from the Halo). Maybe you find the original lighting system hard to operate or maybe you just fancy a change – the MCR lighting unit is available now to buy here in two sizes to suit your aquarium.


biOrb MCR Lighting System

biOrb MCR Lighting System


And finally, we stock a huge range of biOrb accessories & decor and biOrb maintenance products products, in the unlikely event that there is something we don’t stock please drop us a note and we can see what we can do!

If you have any questions about any of the biOrb range please just leave a comment and we will get back to you with an answer.

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