The BiOrb Halo MCR


Here at Warehouse Aquatics HQ we have been lucky enough to get our hands on and test the latest edition to the BiOrb family and it hasn’t disappointed us! Reef One as a company are pretty renowned for creating products to make fish keeping as hassle free as possible, opening up the world of fish keeping to those that juggle a hectic life and don’t have the time for old-fashioned fish care duties. And so fully keeping to tradition, The BiOrb Halo MCR displays all the genetic make-up as the rest of its family but with a few evolved features.

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Just by observing and unwrapping the box, you can really get a feel for the quality and slick piece of kit that is enclosed inside. The box itself is actually a very useful tool. It is compact and sturdy, and the diagrams on setting up and photographs of the tank are incredibly detailed. Each photo and description is really easy to understand and if you are new to any kind of aquarium keeping, we can’t recommend this enough.


The instruction booklet is just as informative as the box. It’s in colour for one, and not your usual drab black, white and grayscale manual, and just like the box the detailed colour photos and diagrams are really helpful for the novices amongst us. It is very detailed and is packed with hints and tips for setting up your tank all the way to maintaining and caring for your tank. It is really easy to understand which only highlights and reiterates the “Plug in and Play” mentality the BiOrb range of tank already oozes with.


As with all Reef one produced tanks the BiOrb Halo MCR comes fully kitted with everything needed to get you started. There is neutral stone coloured ceramic gravel, which is porous and perfect for establishing your biological filter. As well as a full filter system the tank also comes with a powerful air pump with a handy sized lead. (1.5 metres) just to add to the easiness of this tank, there is also a sachet of water conditioner included which you can use to kick start your aquarium by adding all the necessaries you need to purify your water ready for fish and plants.


Once set up, the tank itself is quite stunning. As with all Reef One tanks, The BiOrb Halo MCR is available in two colours White & Grey and is made of acrylic and not glass, meaning it is much sturdier and much more resistant to cracks and damage. It is only a very small tank with a height of 35 cm and width of 30cm, but this does not take away from the potential and beauty this tank can exhibit and this has to be down to   the main feature of this tank which is the incredible multi coloured LED mood lighting that comes all setup in the lid of the tank. There are sixteen pre set colour settings all variations of Blue, White, Yellow, Red & Green and with the handy remote included, it is very easy to set up the look you want. The variation in lighting really gives this tank versatility; it really would look great in any home.


Now with all things in life, thought the BiOrb Halo is an exquisitely crafted tank, it is not without its limitations. At the bottom end of the spectrum in terms of volume (15 litres) this tank is best suited to smaller hardier fish such as guppies. Anything larger or in multiple numbers could disturb your water chemistry and ultimately you will be dealing with an unhappy community of fish. Because of its small capacity, it is ideal to keep as a freshwater tank perhaps even a planted aqua-scape. It is perfect for anyone that is limited with space in their home, or anybody that is looking to delve into the art of fish keeping. It is so easy to use and setup that even a child could manage it without too much trouble.


We would like to know if you have any thoughts on the new BiOrb Halo MCR tank and if you have any hints and tips for using this stunning tank?

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