What is the most energy-efficient aquarium light?

What is the most energy-efficient aquarium light | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

As people around the world make the shift towards greener lifestyles, lots of our customers ask us which type of aquarium light is most energy-efficient.

And the answer is simple: LED fish tank lights are far more eco-friendly than T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes. Though LED aquarium lights cost more to buy upfront than their outdated alternatives, they will save you money over time. That’s because they’re cheaper to run and use less electricity.

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Bonus Tip

However, you should keep in mind that some older tanks aren’t designed for LED aquarium lights. Many aquariums still use T8 or T5 fluorescent tubes. That’s not to say you can’t upgrade your fish tank to LED, though. Luckily, we’ve already written a blog post on how you can do this. And, if you’re not sure which type of lighting your aquarium uses, check out our post on the difference between T8, T5, and LED bulbs.

In the meantime, here’s what makes LED fish tank lights more energy-efficient than T5 and T8 bulbs.

Aquarium light outputs T5, T8, and LED | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Aquarium light outputs: T5, T8, and LED

T8 fluorescent tube outputs typically range from 15 to 55 watts. These bulbs also last up to 20,000 hours. Meanwhile, T5 fluorescent tube outputs typically range from 24 to 80 watts. These bulbs last up to 20,000 hours. Assuming a cost of 18 pence per kWh, running a 54W T5 tube for 12 hours every day would cost £42.57 per year.

On the other hand, LED aquarium light outputs typically range from 0.5 to 30 watts – a fraction of its fluorescent-tube predecessors’ outputs. LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours – over double the expected lifespan of T5 and T8 bulbs. This is why LEDs work out more cost-effective than T5 and T8 bulbs in the long run. 

If you swapped your T5 or T8 fluorescent tube for an equivalent 29W LED tube and ran this for 12 hours every day, it would cost £22.86 per year. This would save £19.71 per year per tube. And many tanks come with more than one tube, so the savings multiply!

Here at Warehouse Aquatics, we sell a huge range of energy-efficient LED aquarium lights for all modern fish tanks.

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