Top six aquarium gifts for fish tank lovers on Father’s Day

Top six aquarium gifts for fish tank lovers on Father's Day | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so we’ve put together our top six aquarium gifts for all fish-loving dads. Whether your dad’s a seasoned fishkeeper or he’s just starting out with fish, we’ve got ideas for you.

So, without further ado, here you go: six of the best aquarium gifts for Father’s Day.

1. A Juwel aquarium background poster

Fish tank background posters are great aquarium gifts. Especially for dads who want to give their fish an awesome backdrop. They’re also great gifts for dads who need to hide ugly cables in their fish tanks. But that’s another story.

Either way, an aquarium background can transform a fish tank. These slot-in aquarium background posters will transport your dad’s fish to another world. We stock a range of designs to suit different themes, including rocky scenes, water effects, and vegetation.

We sell aquarium background posters in different sizes, and Dad can cut the posters to size. Some are even double-sided, so he can chop and change as he likes. 

2. Water conditioning filter balls

Most fish-loving dads want to keep their aquarium water crystal clear. And Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium Water Conditioning Filter Balls will make this much easier. These filter balls contain millions of live bacteria, enzymes, and organic matter that break down ammonia and nitrate in tank water to give water its ultra-clear quality.

Dad can add a couple of these balls per 25 litres of water to his fish tank each week to keep the water healthy. Each pot contains around 50 balls.

Water conditioning filter balls | Aquarium gifts | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich
Automatic fish feeder | Aquarium gifts | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

3. An automatic fish feeder

Your dad will never forget to feed his fish again if you treat him (well, his fish) to a Juwel EasyFeed Automatic Feeder. This handy feeder is also a great aquarium gift for dads who travel a lot and aren’t always at home to feed the fish. 

The automatic fish feeder is suitable for any Juwel aquarium, and your dad can use it to serve flake, pellet, and tablet food. The feeder is easy to install and ready for immediate use.

The Juwel EasyFeed has the capacity to serve food for approximately 30 days (or 60 feedings). And, if the standard automatic feeder isn’t big enough for your dad’s tank, its big brother, the Juwel SmartFeed 2.0, could be the perfect fit.

4. An aquarium syphon

The least fun, least glamorous part of fishkeeping is cleaning the fish tank. But what if you could make this easier for Dad?

Introducing our fourth aquarium gift idea: a Python No Spill Clean-and-Fill Aquarium Syphon. Get your dad one of these handy devices, and he won’t need jugs and buckets to clean his fish tank again. No more spills. Instead, Dad can use the syphon to remove the old fish tank water, clean the gravel, and refill the tank.

Finley the Fish | Warehouse Aquatics

Bonus Tip

You can see how aquarium syphons work in Python’s how-to-use video.

We sell aquarium syphons in three lengths: 25 foot (7.5m), 50 foot (15m) and 100 foot (30m). We also offer a variety of low-price gravel cleaners if this top-of-the-range syphon is out of budget.

Aquarium syphon | Aquarium gifts | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich
Aquarium ornaments | Aquarium gifts | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

5. Aquarium ornaments

There are infinite ways to decorate a fish tank with aquarium accessories. And one of the easiest ways to stamp dad’s personality on his aquarium is to buy him a fish tank ornament. 

From vintage cars and aircrafts to mini Stonehenges, and rock displays, you’ll find the perfect fish tank ornament for dad in our collection. We also supply artificial corals; skulls, skeletons, and fossils; trees, plants, and roots; vehicles; starfish; mini amphitheatres; air-action clams; castles; telephone boxes; television character figures; space dogs; animals; planet earths; barrels; and colour balls.

6. A beginner fish tank

Finally, if your dad’s been thinking about buying a fish tank, now is the perfect time to help him take the first step. Our recommended beginner tanks cost just £62.99 and come in both white and black. 

Your dad will also have our blog to refer back to as he sets up his tank and enjoys the simple pleasures of fish-keeping.

Beginner fish tank | Aquarium gifts | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

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