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Google awards Warehouse Aquatics with Trusted status

September 8, 2015

After a rigorous and lengthy acceptance procedure, Warehouse Aquatics has been accepted as (currently) the only online aquatics website with Certified Trusted status by Google. This is based on a number of factors, such as maintaining a high standard of customer service as well as consistent delivery rates. This all-new status means we have a brand new review system associated with Warehouse Aquatics, which you …

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Brand “Newa” aquarium and Aquatics range

July 15, 2015

Opera, good taste, pasta, Versace and Julius Ceasar. The Italians have produced a lot, and now it’s aquariums, and they’re not half bad. The good news is, we are officially one of the chosen, or ‘made’, to sell these exceptionally stylish Italian-designed and built aquariums, along with a plethora of accessories and related products: filters, heaters & pumps. Molto Bello! These square-cut and neatly presented …

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