A beginner’s guide to BiOrbs


The BiOrb range are a fantastic group of aquariums designed to make fish keeping easy and modern. The range consists of sizes from only 15 litres upto the new 105 litre Aquarium, so whatever the space you can certainly find something to suit in the BiOrb Range.


All BiOrb aquariums from Warehouse Aquatics come with the following things to get you started:

– Setup guide

– Food sachet

– Water treatment sachet

– Filtration system which includes a bubble tube, air pump and air stone

– A lid or light depending on which BiOrb you choose


Lighting Available

– None just a Perspex lid

– Halogen lighting which is a plain bulb controlled by an on/off switch

– LED Intelligent lighting which can create sunset/sunrise and moonlight in your aquarium

– Moonlight which has a daylight bulb during the day but switches to a moonlight when it gets dark


BiOrbs are suitable for the following types of fish:

– Small goldfish or Coldwater fish

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Comet Goldfish

– Small tropical fish





– Small Marine Fish






So I’d like a BiOrb Aquarium but what else might I need?

As well as the fantastic equipment supplied with every BiOrb aquarium you may like to add some decor or accessories to help make fish keeping easier:


 BiOrb Aquarium Gravel Cleaner – To syphon out water during regular water changes as well as any detritus

 A BiOrb Timer to help remind you when maintenance tasks are due

– Some additional water treatment – your sachet will run out sooner or later!


– BiOrb Pebble Pack to provide a coloured base

15L Aquarium – 1 Pebble Pack

30L Aquarium – 2 Pebble Packs

60L Aquarium – 2 Pebble Packs

105L Aquarium – 3 Pebble Packs


– Plant Packs

Several Plant packs in an aquarium provide your fish some shelter to help them feel comfortable, the size and number of plants you want to add is entirely upto personal taste


Biorb Bubble Tube disguisers

Bubble tubes ornaments or rings are designed to go around the bubble tubes to hide them and also provide some decoration to your aquarium

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