Top 5 Freshwater Aquariums for beginners

The world of home aquatics can be an exciting but daunting place. If, like so many, your ideas of maintaining a fish tank looks something like this…


…then you too may have been surprised to learn that the art of fish keeping is far more complex and intricate than what meets the eye. There are so many different things to consider when setting up an aquarium. What sort of fish should you keep if any at all? Should you set up a tropical or cold water tank? The possibilities are endless! One of the biggest decisions you’ll make, and probably the most expensive, is deciding which tank to buy in the first place. With such a wide selection of tanks available, each with endless design features, it’s important that you choose the right aquarium. This however, is something much easier said than done. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted our top five aquariums we think are suitable for any beginner embarking upon their very first aquatic journey.


  1) Baby BiOrb 

The first recommendation on our baby_biorb_silverlist is the sleek looking Baby BiOrb 15 Litre aquarium. It is a new take on the classic “Goldfish Ball” with some upgraded modern features. Firstly, it is made of acrylic, which is sturdier and more reliable than the traditional glass in aquariums. Designed to be compact, it is perfect for even the smallest of spaces, which also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Everything runs on low voltage making it eco-friendly and above all safe. If you are a complete novice to fish keeping, this starter kit is ideal as it comes with everything you need to get you started. Complete with an air pump, filter media and water conditioners, along with other added necessities, all you really need to do is decide how to decorate your new tank. Simple.


2) Newa – More

Newa-MoreNext, we have the Newa More 18 litre corner aquarium. This tank comes highly recommended for its sturdy manufacturing and nifty corner design that makes it compact and slick, allowing you to conceal any unsightly cables. It has inbuilt compartments for heating and lighting giving you the option of turning your tank into a tropical environment. Perhaps the most appealing part of the design is the filtering system. Not only does it have an overflow safety feature, but it sits to the rear of the tank, making maintenance and cleaning stress free. The starter pack comes with all the basics needed to get you started, including filter media and lights and detailed instructions on how to get the most out of your tank; it really could be as simple as adding water and fish!



3) BiOrb Life

Baby BiOrb LifeFor those ready to step up to the challenge of tropical fish keeping, the BiOrb Life 30 litre is an excellent choice for a first tank. This is mainly down to the very cleverly designed intelligent light unit that has day light and moon light capabilities. It can be used for 24 hours a day and can be set on a timer cycle to create a natural light environment for your fish. It has a beautiful rounded compact design, which is available in black or white, making it very pleasing to the eye. Rather than the use of traditional glass, BiOrb use acrylic on their tanks making them sturdy and more resistant to cracks. This is especially useful for moving your tank about. The starter kit also comes complete with an air pump, water conditioner, and various other additions needed to get your tropical tank up and running.



4) Juwel Rekord 800

juwel rekord 800Another one for those that want to try their hand at tropical fish keeping; the Juwel Rekord (110 Litre) is an ideal choice for a first tank. The rectangular design gives it a traditional “old school” aquarium feel. The appearance, however, can be deceiving; everything about the modest looking tank is expertly crafted with high quality materials. It has an integrated Bio-filter and lighting system which are easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning. The filter system in particular is designed to allow the use of filter media with a large surface area, which is essential in growing beneficial bacteria. The larger volume of water gives way for a more stable environment for fish and plants. Adding a heater is simple too, so upgrading to a tropical tank isn’t difficult. The starter pack again comes with all the necessities needed to get you started.



5) Juwel Rio 125

Juwel Rio 125The ultimate starter aquarium has to be the Juwel Rio 125 Litres. Like the Rekord 800, it displays the same traditional design features as most Juwel-produced Aquariums. It is available in four different colours, and they have also manufactured a customized cabinet to house the aquarium. The mid-range tank is fully kitted out with lots of modern fixtures and fittings which are all designed around safety and efficiency. The lighting system uses T5 bulbs to help promote plant growth and development, giving you the option of growing aquatic plants should you wish in the future. The tank has so many features it is apparent that this is manufactured and built to last as well as make your hobby as stress free as possible. This is a relatively large starter tank, which is useful for creating a stable environment for any plants or fish and housing a greater variety of them. The question is Cold-water or Tropical?


Of course, choosing a tank is the very first part of the journey. The road of discovery in the world of fish keeping is still ahead. We would like to know if you are interested in fish keeping or indeed if you are already an aquatics enthusiast, do you have any advice on tanks for beginners?

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