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Lots of people who are thinking about buying a fish tank imagine how they’d like their aquarium to look when they finally decorate it. After all, a fish tank adds a certain tranquillity to pretty much any room. That said, when it comes to decorating your aquarium, your options are endless. And finding a way to decorate your fish tank in a way that’s both beautiful and functional can be challenging. 

So, here, we’ll share some ideas to get you started.

Fish tank backgrounds | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Fish tank backgrounds

One of the first things to think about when planning to decorate your fish tank is whether you’d like a fish tank background. Some are like giant posters, and others are 3D textured backdrops that you can fit or glue inside your tank. Not only do these backdrops provide a scene that brings your fish tank to life, but they can also hide your filter and heater tubes. Our fish tank backgrounds include scenes of cliff drops, ocean water, and rockeries.

Fish tank substrates

You also need to decide on a substrate to decorate the bottom of your fish tank. You have a few options here, and your decision should be as much about function as aesthetics. This is because fish tank substrates encourage healthy bacteria colonies that aid filtration. Function aside, our substrates come in a range of textures and colours to suit any aquarium design.

  • Sand is one of the most popular substrates for fresh and saltwater tanks. Not only is sand ideal for beneficial bacteria that keep your fish tank water healthy, but it looks natural and beachy, an aesthetic that lots of fishkeepers want. 
  • Live sand is a fantastic option for marine fish tanks as it’s full of strains of marine bacteria as well as the usual healthy bacterias. It also shares the beachy look of standard fish tank sand.
  • Gravel is another popular choice, ideal for freshwater tanks. It’s durable, only needs occasional rinsing, and comes in an array of bright, tropical colours. 
  • Planting substrate is specially formulated for fishkeepers who want to grow aquatic plants. If you’re looking to design a natural, green environment for your fish, this kind of substrate offers the fertilisation and anti-algae benefits that you need.
Fish tank substrates | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich
Artificial fish tank plants | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Artificial fish tank plants

When you decorate your fish tank, artificial plants allow you to create a natural look without the maintenance that comes with live plants. These plants add pops of colour to any fish tank, and many fishkeepers choose tall, flowering plants to create that tropical under-the-sea look. We sell approximately 200 artificial plants in all shapes and sizes to brighten your aquarium.

Artificial coral

Artificial corals make perfect additions to fish tanks for those who want a tropical look. They’re easy to clean and come in virtually all colours. Just a few of our artificial corals include red ridge corals, lettuce corals (like this one), coral gardens, sun corals, and trumpet head corals.

Artificial corals | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich
Rocks, stones, pebbles, shells, and leaves | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Rocks, stones, pebbles, shells, and leaves

Fishkeepers looking to cultivate a natural look in their fish tanks often gravitate towards our wide selection of rocks, stones, pebbles, shells, and leaves. These natural items come in every shape, size, and colour. It’s important to buy these items from a specialist aquatics shop as items picked up off the beach often aren’t safe for fish.

Fish tank driftwood

Driftwood and wood roots offer yet more natural-looking decorations when you decorate your fish tank. Driftwood decorations also create great hiding places for your fish. Again, it’s important to buy driftwood and wood roots from an aquatics shop because standard driftwood from a beach can cause gill damage in certain fish.

FIsh tank driftwood | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich
Fish tank ornaments | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

Fish tank ornaments

Fish tank ornaments offer one of the easiest ways to personalise and decorate your fish tank. From Bonsai plant ornaments that wrap around your air tube to ancient Greek structures, swim-through tunnels, castles, bridges, space dogs, plane wrecks, and television characters, you’ll find the perfect ornament for your fish tank in our collection of over 100.

Ceramic nature

Ceramic logs, tubes, and caves offer great hiding places for fish and create a rustic look for any fish tank. You can choose between our turtle cave, half logs, and bamboo tubes.

Ceramic nature | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich
You're ready to decorate your fish tank | Warehouse Aquatics | Middlewich

You're ready to decorate your fish tank

With the following fish tank decor categories in mind, you’re now ready to explore our decorations range and personalise your fish tank. Whether you opt for whimsical ornaments, tropical plants and corals, or rustic driftwood pieces and shells, we’d love to see your fish tank designs. Send us a photo on Facebook.

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