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July 15, 2015

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July 15, 2015

Brand “Newa” aquarium and Aquatics range

July 15, 2015

Opera, good taste, pasta, Versace and Julius Ceasar. The Italians have produced a lot, and now it's aquariums, and they're not half bad. The good news is, we are officially one of the chosen, or 'made', to sell these exceptionally stylish Italian-designed and built aquariums, along with a plethora of accessories and related products: filters, heaters & pumps. Molto Bello!

Newa Aquariums

These square-cut and neatly presented aquariums come packed with goodies, including a powerful filter that sits in the top corner and is a resplendent example of convenience with its standard disposable cartridges.

Other goodies that come as standard with Newa aquariums include a heater and, with certain models, a frosted glass top, reducing the formation of evaporation. The Reef versions, while slightly more expensive, feature a circulation kit and integrated skimmer, everything one would need to get started with aquaria.

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The well-thought out design means that it is simple and straightforward to replace cartridges while simultaneously power cables and leads are neatly tucked away, yet easily accessible.

This, as I would like to call it, designer aquarium will suit any home, and would even enhance the environment with a bit of Italian panache.

Now all you need is a Pisa ornament to grace the tank, or you could buy your worst enemy a tank and place a seahorse's head at the bottom!

Newa Filters and Pumps

Besides Newa Aquariums, we also stock a complete range of tank filters and pumps, ranging from Newave and Jet circulation technology to Therm submersible heaters, which present the temperature via LED and is nigh impossible to break due to its high mechanical and thermal resistance