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July 26, 2016

Aquarium of the Month – Winner

July 26, 2016

Aquarium of the month – August

July 26, 2016
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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)

This competition has now closed, thank you for all of the fabulous entries.  The winner will be announce shortly.

Welcome to our Aquarium of the Month competition. Every four months we’ll be comparing, sizing up and taking note of the wonderful creations you have made, and of course giving a £20 voucher away for the very best submission.


How to enter

It’s simple. All you have to do is post your entry in the comments section below by adding your name, email address (which will not be displayed publicly) and pressing the ‘Choose File’ button to upload your image. Add a comment and tell us all about your aquarium and what made you design it that way – Please upload an image less than 2mb in size.

Please see the current submissions here:

To enter the competition, simply submit your answer and image in the comments section below. The competition closes at midnight on Friday 12th August 2016. The winner will be selected by Warehouse Aquatics from all submissions prior to this date. Warehouse Aquatics reserves the right to remove any images and/or answers deemed inappropriate or offensive. Entrants must reside within UK mainland and be be over 18 years old. Good luck! Please see our competition Terms & Conditions for more information







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  1. This is my first aquirium and was created in April 2016. I have a “man cave / office in a 60’s best of British theme. The wallpaper on the main wall has London buses, red phone boxes, red mini coopers against backdrops of London. I wanted bkack background and gravel with the sunken mini cooper and a red phone box Just to keep in theme.

    Many hours studying was done prior to planting and stocking but it was worth it. It has the internal filter but I backed it up during the first few months with a Fluval 2. Started with 10 hardy white tipped tetra then introduced 6 cardinals. I split the tetras and gave 4 back to the shop because they gave me 4 females and 6 males ( hard to tell when they are young). As they grew, it was getting a little hectic with the males trying to establish who was boss. I added 10 Harlequin rasboras then we few weeks later 4 gold miniture cory’s. The platys came later but again the males were very tempremental even though I had a good gender balance. Returned half the the shop and got a two blue dwarf gurouram which dominate each end of the tank but don’t bother the other fish. I’m at around 50% capacity so leaving a very thing as it is for a while. The maternity tank in shot is temporary. One of the platys gave birth and a managed to catch 7 before they bacame main course for the tetras.

  2. Here’s my aquarium with nearly all my fish hiding. There are 20 various tetra in there with 6 Sterba’s Cory a Bristlenose and a few Platies. The plants are growing in two islands of aquatic soil kept in place by buried rocks then covered with gravel with the sand only at the front. 🙂

  3. This is my Lego themed aquarium, populated with red line torpedo fish, leporinus, parrot fish, crayfish and rainbow fish to name a few. They voyage around Lego serpents including a squid, shark and lobster whilst the underwater hq is manned by scuba divers. 400 liter tank kept dark and mysterious.

  4. After having tanks for many years with too much growth and rock, here is my new 370ltr as a minimalist tank. Plenty of room for swimming.

  5. Had to balance the desire to keep Malawis whilst satisfying the wife on the tank not taking up too much space! Run two external filters and do a large water change every week (as need to overstock to avoid undue aggression). Had these same fish now for 18 months – also keep three small tanks for bringing on fry (of which I get loads). Ammonia and nitrites kept to zero and nitrates managed via water for changes being filtered to zero nitrates.

  6. The builder said it was the first time he had built an extension around a fish tank when I asked him to put footings in and build 3 pillars to support the tank which is 2 foot square by 7 foot long.

  7. 125ltr tank with a mixture of fish red fin shark, leopard cat fish,golden loach,neons,tetras,silver mollies,rasboras,gouramis.
    changed fortnightly.

  8. Ok so the last file was to big!!….. so here is my 450. Scaped to try and make the most of light and water movement for my coral…. mix of softies, sps and lps……..

  9. moved and could not afford another koi pond, so have just set up 2 x 4ft tropical fish tanks, one now have a selection of fish, the other one next to it is just acclimatising, so will be ready for fish in a few weeks, already have baby guppies in first tank,

  10. My 182l (90x45x45cm) High-tech, Iwagumi style, planted aquarium. Nearly 12 months old but still not fully developed as I’m still in the process of learning. So far I had no issues with it and hopefully it will stay like that.

  11. This is my 200 litre juwel Lido. I wanted it to look as natural as possible. Like a little slice of underwater nature in my living room. I kept the fish small and planted it heavily around one large piece of bogwood. It’s been set up about 10 weeks.

  12. 23l Fluval Edge betta tank, he shares with 6 Normans lampeyes and a snail called Annabelle that snuck in on a plant.

  13. This is my Aquarium that I created in April 2016. It is my first aquarium and I spent many weeks studying before taking the plunge but it was worth it. I bought a 180 Litre tank with internal filter but backed that up with a Fluvel 2 for the first months after cycling had completed. I decided to go for the dark background and gravel so that I could see the colours of the fish much better. I also placed this tank in my “MAN CAVE” which has a 60’s “Best of British theme”, Having Wallpaper depicting Mini Coopers, red telephone boxes, London taxi, tower Bridge etc. You get the picture. Hence the sunken red mini and Phone box in the tank.

    I Used Silk plants at first but noticed a lot of gold brown algae growing on them and constantly taking them out to clean during water changes became a task. I switched to rooted plants and use a fertiliser but no CO2 as I choose easy growers which seem to be doing well.

    I started stocking when the water readings were spot on. 10 White tipped tetra being hardy were my first fish, although now down to half that number because it turned out that I had more males than females and things got a bit hectic with the males fighting. The shop were happy to take some of the males back and I replaced with 6 cardinals them added 10 Harlequin Rasbora’s, 4 gold corys, 7 platys and two blue dwarf gourami. I’m having trouble with those as they have claimed each end of the tank and started building nests by ripping pieces off my moss balls and placing them in a flouting raft just under the frog bit. They won’t let anything come near so I’m keeping an eye on them. I also have a 4 Oto’s in there somewhere but they are the world hide and seek champions I think.

    The maternity tank hanging on the inside came about because after introducing the platys they immediately stated popping babies. The first bunch except 1 survivor, must of been main course for the community but I managed to catch the next female about to give birth and popped her into the maternity section. Good timing too as I went for a brew and came back 1 hour later to find 15 fry dropped into the bottom section. I removed the female and let the fry have that tank until large enough to put into a second tank that I am preparing.

    3 Assassin snails are keeping control of the pond snails that came with the plants. One is perched on the leafs just above the phone box in the photo.

    Didn’t realise how much time and effort (and expense) is involved but enjoying every minute.

  14. Our 500 litre marine reef tank which had taken many many hours of hard work mistakes and disasters to get to this beautiful focal point in our loung! Something to be proud of:) (Pic didn’t upload before)

  15. This is a new tank only completed two weeks ago. I’ve planted eco-complete largely with crypts around the back and sides and I’m leaving a clear foreground. This will be a community tank.

  16. Hope you like my photo had my fish for 4 years which have grown from very small to now. They know when it’s time for food so at exactly 8pm
    Each evening they come to the front and don’t give me any peace until I feed them. Best pic I could get.

  17. This is my first aquarium and I have decided to start with a small tank (Juwel 125). I purchased this last month from Warehouse-Aquatics with the stand. I have fitted a rock background with a mixture of real and artificial plants to add colour. I have added some platies while the tank is cycling and excited for more! 🙂

  18. Our 3 boys..( well they have boys names 😉
    They love their Biorb tank. We love a fresh & clean looking tank and I love to change in interior to match the lounge decor.

  19. Hi
    This is my lovely marine fish tank
    I absolutely love it
    I got the tank 2 years ago for my birthday I put Nemo and Dory in and it is heaven!
    I am so addicted I am looking for a bigger tank for my next birthday!
    The best Hobby ever!

  20. I love my aquarium but had a snail issue so set my Clown Loaches to work !! The aquarium has pipes to keep the Loaches hidden and lots of plants for cover, and a very big Buddha too.

  21. This is my new aquarium bought a lot of thinks from warehouse aquatics thanks for you goods they have all been excerlant

    Tim Avison

  22. My betta tank, home to Fidel the betta, Kamikazi the amano shrimp (named due to some legendary escape attempts during his first night here), and two nerite snails – Diego II and Raoul Gonzales!

  23. Second attempt as image file was too large..! My betta tank, home to Fidel the betta, Kamikazi the amano shrimp (named due to some legendary escape attempts during his first night here), and two nerite snails – Diego II and Raoul Gonzales!

    I wanted to create a south-east asian feel (apart from the anubias – which will be getting replaced!) I made the coconut cave myself and grew java moss on it – all the inhabitants love it.

  24. I enjoy plants as much as the fish, but wanted a layout without CO2 and constant maintenance.

  25. My Mbuna Malawi Resort

    In this aquarium I tried to replicate as much I could some of the Malawi Cichlids, in this case Mbuna, territory.
    Lots of rocks and caves for them to hide.
    But still working in progress

  26. This is my AquaNano 40 set up as a specialist aquarium for shrimps and snails. The tank contains a mixture of cherry, blue, crystal red and black shrimp plus lots of nerite snails. The aim was to use bogwood and redmoor driftwood with different mosses and java fern to create a natural habitat for shrimp and snails to thrive.

  27. Hope this hasn’t come twice new at doing this type of thing, sorry if you have already got my last pic and comment

  28. My Juwel Vision 260 Tropical Fish Tank is setup in a natural environment with full of Live plants and Ornaments for the fish to thrive. I find the sound of the running water very soothing, relaxing & therapeutic too. I spend most of my spare time watching & admiring the 13 different kinds of community fish in the tank. I bought my Aquarium and all the appliances from Warehouse Aquatics with the help and advice from their friendly and professional team. I’ve brought the calming effects of nature right into my house.

  29. I have kept Tropical Fish since 1984. My present tank is a RENA 4′ Bow Fronted. I have had this tank for 12 years.
    One of the Clown Loach in the picture is 17 years old and another is 15 years old. I also have a large shoal ( 30 ) of Cardinal Tetras.

    I keep a strict regime of water changes and test on a week;y basis.

  30. My 120litre Cichlid tank. About six months old. i’m just a beginner to the Cichlid world having kept many a goldfish over the years and slowly moved to the tropical side of the fish world. so i thought Cichlids was the next step !! Warehouse Aquatics is a company i recently came across and have now purchased a few items to help my cause !!!